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To register data you have to log in. Use the link "Log in" in the upper right corner. After you have logged in you are required to choose one of the indicators assigned to you, and fill in missing metadata for it.

When an indicator is choosen you have to define the area where this indicator exists - the "definition area". Inside the definition area you have to define at least one area for registration of data.

Values for each of the indicators' areas are entered on the page "Values".
During, or after, registering the values you may look at how the nomalized values are distributed on the indicators areas using the choice "Select point in time for visualization"

Nomalized values are shown on a scale from red = 0 to blue = 1.
The reference values are scaled from red = lowest reference value, to blue = highest referende value.


Konkretisering av referansetilstand (pdf)
Manual for entering data to the Nature Index database ver 3 New
Nature Index for Norway 2015, Ecological framework, computational methods, database and information systems


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